NB: Call now closed

Evening Class is seeking unprecedented director(s) to take over our next curatorial group (class). We are open to varying levels of involvement – from a fully integrated participation in the curatorial group, to remote curation of just one event.

Evening Class meets twice a week. The theme of the classes changes every 2~3 months. Past themes have included alternative ways of working together, co-operativism, self-organisation, alternative education, the area of Aberfeldy street (where we are located), forms of political graphic design, performing identity and many other subtopics. Classes can take any form (e.g.: discussions, workshops, performances, group crits, lectures, film screenings, silent walks, group readings, blind dating etc.)

For the forthcoming curatorial group, starting mid September, we are interested in experimenting with interventions from practitioners outside of the group in order to explore how this may affect the group dynamics and mutual learning processes.

There is no formal application process: if you are interested in participating please email by August 7th with some details of how you might like to be involved.