The Entreprecariat

Evening Class were invited by Silvio Lorusso to make a contribution to the 11th issue of the Pervasive Labour Union zine, The Entreprecariat. The focus of this issue was to 'explore the multiple ways in which entrepreneurial ideas, models and approaches relate to current perceptions of precarity.'

'The term [Entreprecariat] emerged from the realisation that, while an array of diverse forms of precarity (financial, professional, and even existential) is becoming the norm for a growing number of people, so it is the necessity to tackle them entrepreneurially. As witnessed by the emergence of terms like ‘entrepreneurism’, individuals as well as institutions are increasingly urged to think of themselves as brands, companies or startups. Against a backdrop characterised by relentless destabilisation, entrepreneurship, the practice of starting and managing a business through risk, turns into entrepreneurialism, a universal doctrine with its own dogmas, martyrs and plans of salvation.'

Evening Class submitted a selection of work (horror) stories that were compiled for a recent event organised as part of Antiuniversity, on the theme of creative labour. The full collection can be read, and added to, here.

A PDF of The Entreprecariat can be read here.

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